How to watch movies, series and IPTV channels on Smart TV for free

LG Smart TV is a home media center that, through Internet access, allows you to access a variety of applications, movies, series, TV channels, trainings, games, social networks and other leisure content. All the possibilities of a "smart" TV receiver can be conditionally divided into several categories. For each of them, software developers offer special programs, among which users have already identified the best applications for LG Smart TV. The most popular widgets will be discussed in this material.

Features of installing applications on LG Smart TV

The LG concern bases the operation of its "smart" TV receivers on the WebOS operating platform. More precisely, most modern models use this particular OS, and until 2014, equipment was produced based on Netcast. Therefore, the material below will focus on programs adapted to work with webOS (in most cases, they are also relevant for the previous platform).

For example, SMART TV receivers from LG right out of the box offer users a set of pre-installed applications, most of which are designed to watch IP TV, as well as movies, series, commercials and other video content online. But if the "wired" set of programs is not enough, you can independently install other software from a special application store " LG Smart World " [ten]. To do this, you need to log into your account, and then to the specified store. Applications of different categories will be available here, all that remains is to select the one you need and click the "Install" button. If the program is paid, you will need to verify your bank card details and make a purchase. After installing the application, you can find it by pressing the Apps button on the remote control.

Important! Games are installed in the same way, but from the "LG Game World" application.

If the desired software is not available in the official LG store, you can download it to a PC, and then transfer it to a flash drive by unpacking it into a specially created folder. Then the USB-drive should be inserted into the free slot of the TV receiver, which itself will recognize and offer to install the software. However, before use, you need to make sure that the flash drive is working, and then format it in the FAT32 file system.


Consider the procedure for installing a new service to LG Smart TV in different ways. If you plan to install through the store, check the Internet connection on the TV. You also need to register for a personal account.


Before proceeding with the installation process, you will need to check the version of the operating system. To do this, go to the TV settings and open the information about webOS. The characteristics of the installed operating system of the TV will be displayed on the screen. The next step is to log in to your account. If there is no registration, then you will first need to follow the steps to create an account. Let's consider further how to do it.


Follow the instructions below to sign in to your Smart account:

  • Find on the remote control control button called "Settings" and click. Smart settings will open.
  • In the panel that opens, find and select the "Quick" item.
  • In the new section, find "Account Management".
  • In the window, select "Create an account". To continue the action, you will need to check all the proposed items.
  • Click "Agree" to confirm the operation.
  • To complete authorization, you will need to enter an email address (in the future it will act as a login to enter the system), date of birth and password. After entering the data, click "OK".
  • To confirm registration, enter your mail. The system will send an email to complete the account creation.

If all the steps have been completed, the account has been created successfully. For authorization, you must enter your login (e-mail) and password. Having your own account, it becomes possible to download any widgets from the store. Some apps are free, some are paid. When you select a program, a message about its cost will be displayed.


When deciding to install the service from LG Apps Market, you will first need to check if you are connected to an ISP. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the TV menu and go to the Smart Home page.
  2. Find the LG Smart World section, go to it and log in to your account.
  3. After authenticating to the account, a list of available applications will be displayed on the screen.
  4. After selecting the program of interest, click the “Install” button. If the selected program is paid, proceed according to the proposed payment methods.

After the installation is completed, the downloaded application will be displayed in the "More" folder in the "Smart Home" section. As a rule, the program does not require additional settings. You can enter and use it.


In case of manual installation, please make sure you have a program to display IPTV. Next, you will need to make sure that the downloaded file is compatible with the version of the TV operating system. If the above requirements are satisfactory, follow these recommendations:

  1. Download the download file of the program from the Internet, unzip it and write it to a flash drive.
  2. Insert the device into the corresponding Smart USB port.
  3. After selecting the window that appears, the contents of the flash drive will be displayed on the screen.
  4. After selecting the widget file to be installed, start the installation.
  5. After completing the installation steps, the program will be successfully downloaded to the TV.

Thus, the downloaded third-party application has been successfully installed on the TV. The described method takes a little longer than the previous one. However, it does not cause difficulties.

TOP of the best browsers

The free browser pre-installed in LG SmartTV, of course, allows you to surf the Internet right on your TV screen. But for some users, this software product may not be entirely convenient, as it is inferior to the web browsers presented below in terms of download speed and user-friendly interface.

  1. According to users, the best browser for LG SMART TVs is Google Chrome. This is a high-performance web surfing assistant with a stylish design, flexible settings and a lot of extensions. It can be downloaded directly from the app store.
  2. Mozilla Firefox. This Internet browser is somewhat slower than the previous one, but has unique extensions and supports a large number of file formats.
  3. Dolphin is a social media-friendly browser that has the convenience of being able to save PDF files from any page.

The last two web browsers can only be installed from a flash drive. Not in the official LG store and other browsers that are widely popular - Opera, Yandex. Browser and UC. But they can also be installed from an external drive. Each of the above products has its own specifics and focus, so choosing the right one is not difficult.

TOP free apps

Among the various software that does not require payment, users often choose programs for communication, social networks and widgets for quick access to content. Among them, the most popular are the applications below.

  1. BBC News is an app for getting the latest news from around the world. In it, you can set the news region, language, and time zone to get up-to-date information.
  2. Youtube is the most popular video hosting in the world and is also available for LG SmartWorld.
  3. Gismeteo is a service for viewing the weather and tracking weather changes. It is available in Russian and for different countries, cities, any localities.

TOP applications with TV channels

Despite the many additional features, for TVs with “smart” functionality, broadcasting TV channels is still a priority. The LG content store offers a wide range of programs offering not only all public terrestrial TV channels, but also IPTV (Interactive TV). At the same time, packages are sorted by countries, topics and categories. The following 3 applications are the most popular among such software.

  1. SlyNet IPTV is an IPTV broadcaster with a large selection of TV channels. But to use it, you must first conclude an agreement with the provider, which you will need to select when setting up the application.
  2. Peers. TV is an app with over 150 free TV channels, movies and series. In addition, it provides the ability to control the broadcast.
  3. ViNTERA. TV - this widget allows you to view both Internet TV channels and IP channels of the provider, being an effective platform for interaction between the viewer and broadcasting.

Note! The channel limit can be limited by a paid subscription - this can be found in the information about the application. Most of the above programs are designed to watch TV channels for free.

Smart TV LG apps: top 5 for every taste

  1. The Culinary Academy is a very useful and interesting project for those who like to cook. Here are recipes and detailed descriptions of the cooking processes of all kinds of dishes. Such an addition will be an indispensable assistant not only in preparing for the festive table, but also in everyday cooking.
  2. 3D World LG Smart TV - this program allows you to view video content in 3D format.
  3. Skylanders Battlegrounds is exciting family fun.
  4. Panorama TV is an application that shows colorful panoramas of cities. With it, you can make exciting virtual journeys to unfamiliar places.
  5. Gismeteo is a useful tool that allows you to view the weather forecast for the next few days on your Smart TV.

TOP online cinemas

Online cinemas are convenient because of large libraries with high quality media material, which allows you to immediately find videos and films of interest. Of all the variety of such services, the following three programs by the owners of LG SMART TV receivers are marked by the largest number of downloads and positive ratings.

  1. ivi is a well-known online cinema that offers films of various genres, series, cartoons. In addition, this service also broadcasts new cinema.
  2. Megogo is another mega-popular service that includes large libraries of films, series and cartoons for different categories of viewers.
  3. Kinopoisk is one of the most sought-after Russian resources, offering films and series from different countries in high quality.

With the above applications, it is easy to set up a real cinema without leaving your home, while high quality transmission is guaranteed.

TOP entertainment applications

Entertainment applications in the official store are also presented in a large number and with different themes, so everyone will find something for their hobbies. The following three programs have more requests.

  1. SportBox is an application with sports broadcasts, news, analytics and fresh videos from the latest matches and high-profile sporting events.
  2. Culinary Academy - everything is simple and clear in this program: about cooking in video lessons and instructions, step-by-step video recipes, cuisines of the peoples of the world. In addition, the presented recipes have the ability to save.
  3. Bookshelf is a handy reading application with a large library of books. It also plays audiobooks, providing fine tuning for a comfortable listening experience.

Advice! The choice of entertainment applications is quite large - a search by thematic sections will help you choose the optimal set of software products.

TOP gaming applications

Among the gaming software, the most popular is the one that allows you to freely and free of charge watch e-sports broadcasts, make recordings, and also take part in online games. The top three in demand looks like this.

  1. Twitch TV is a program for watching eSports tournaments online. It also provides quick access to live broadcasts.
  2. Implosion - Never Lose Hope - a slasher game with high-quality graphics and voice acting, an interesting storyline and unexpected twists, loved by many users.
  3. Zombie Age 2 is an action arcade zombie invasion game. It does not provide intricate plots, so it is suitable for evening relaxation. The software was previously presented on Android.

Smart TV collections for LG have a large number of games: from shooters, maps and racing to arcades and strategies, so the user can easily find both gaming classics and new ones.

IPTV setup on LG TV

In LG IPTV Smart TV, you can configure the consumption source of m3u playlists or specific channels. Whether paid or free channels depend on which source you will connect to. For example, a provider may provide a package of 150 channels for a certain amount, which is included in your tariff plan.

Otherwise, you can find free Internet TV on the Internet.

If a playlist is located on a remote server, then you need to specify a link to it in the corresponding section of the application used for IPTV on LG Smart. Set-top boxes in regular applications can limit the number of connected playlists. But usually 3-4 lists of your own sorting are enough.

Step-by-step free IPTV setup on TV-Box or Smart TV using a third-party popular client and source:

  1. Go to the application store and download the VLC application is a multi-functional player.
  2. Then, through any browser in the search bar, enter "IPTV playlist from Github" or follow the link:

  1. Copy the link to any playlist. Link to the main one, in 8000+ channels:

  1. Open VLC and click on the "Broadcasts" or "Stream" section.
  2. In the line that appears, enter the URL and click OK.
  3. Then click on the playlist, wait for it to open and watch channels for free online.

TOP music apps

Listening to music with a media center like LG Smart TV is pure sound high quality, especially if you use one of the suggested applications to play audio content.

  1. Deezer is one of the world's most popular music streaming services with the ability to sync across devices. With it, libraries of American, European and many other artists became available on webOS.
  2. is another service with a large selection of music, which also differs in extended collections from domestic artists.
  3. is a service from MegaFon with millions of songs. It is very popular, but requires a subscription to access all tracks.

To summarize. Applications for LG Smart TV are aimed at different categories of users. In the official store there are games for children, and cartoons, and large collections of movies, TV shows, as well as streams, sports broadcasts and much more. The Smart TVs in question combine the best qualities of a personal computer, set-top box and television, opening up more opportunities for users through intuitive applications.

Connecting a set-top box

The connection itself is free, both for Smart TV and for a “regular” one, using a set-top box. You will need an active internet connection to access LG App Store. An alternative option is to install an IPTV application from a USB drive. But you also need to download it before that.

If your TV is not Smart and you have chosen to connect using a set-top box, you will first need to purchase a device. There are quite a lot of them, from different manufacturers, with a variety of options. Most consoles are based on the Android platform.

The device is set up simply: it is connected to TV, the Internet and a 220 V network. Then an active Internet connection is selected in the settings, and You can download playlists, view channels.